Let me just post this again. Sir Colin Davis, photographed by Laelia Goehr.

Let me just post this again. Sir Colin Davis, photographed by Laelia Goehr.

Witold Lutoslawski - Musique Funèbre

Well this is just all sorts of adorable.

Well this is just all sorts of adorable.

Apart from the second movement of the 11th Symphony and Nastya’s quick dance in Orango, this movement (3rd mvt, “Aurora” from the 12th Symphony) has my favourite percussion in all of Shostakovich. Thankfully this orchestra actually knows how to go full out and do it justice. 

Have some Yannick

Wow, I haven’t been on here for a while and suddenly there’s over 200 followers! Thanks everyone, I’ll try and post here a bit more (when I finish my thesis I am going to dedicate at least a day to making Yannick Nézet-Séguin gifs so expect to be spammed with those).

In the meantime, you should all check out ~http://whatshouldwecallopera.tumblr.com/ which is made of win.


cartagodelendaest said: Hey, I play the violin (since I was 3) but I didn't know this piece! Vengerov is god. Do you play any instrument? Can I ask you where are you from?

Hey! The Ravel piece is pretty amazing, isn’t it? It’s so much fun.

I used to play the piano (and still occassionally do but I don’t have a piano myself so only when I’m at my parents) and play bass guitar (obvs quite useless in classical music but at least I can play along with BRMC songs) but nothing particularly well, unfortunately. And I live in The Netherlands :).

Vadim Repin playing James MacMillan’s Violin Concerto, conducted by the composer, with the Radio Kamer Filharmonie. This was recorded last saturday (april 28th) at the Concertgebouw Amsterdam and it was absolutely AMAZING. You can read my review here.

beautenoir-inspiration said: I just wanted to say that I totally agree with you, that many people are just too serious concerning classical music. Sometimes they make me feel that you are not allowed to listen to classical music when you aren't the ultimate expert about every single piece . But to me that's bullshit: For me music is all about emotions. When a composition sends chills down my spine every single time I listen to it, anything else doesn't matter to me :) that's why I really enjoy your tumblr :D Linda

What an awesome message, thanks :D. That really is one of the reasons why I started my blog in the first place (and this tumblr later). Music is all about emotions but classical music can be (seen as) really elitist and it would be a shame if people miss out on the good stuff just because they’re intimidated or annoyed!

theblackvegan said: Your blog makes me so happy! :D It's hard to find classical music blogs that actually stick to the topic. xD Can you recommend some others? :)

Hey!! Thank you so much for your message. I’m really not sure about tumblr blogs because I’m not on here a lot, but as far as other blogs are concerned I love http://boulezian.blogspot.com/, http://classical-iconoclast.blogspot.com/, http://likelyimpossibilities.blogspot.com/, http://johnsonsrambler.wordpress.com/ and http://www.overgrownpath.com/ . Hope that helps :).